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Manaswin Edu-con Pvt. Ltd is an education and consulting company with 2 brands i.e. New NICT Computer Education and Manaswin Design Skool have a National recognition and reputation. We have provided Computer Education and skill development training Since 2018. We believe that computer education is essential for job and career and everyone should have computer knowledge in this Digital Era. We strive for career opportunities for the students who have genuine intention to do whatever it takes to build their career in this digital era.

We Work with best and certified faculty members who are professional and reliable.

We are registered with all India governments and MSME. We are certified with ISO 9001 TO 2015,and associated with All India IT Association and GATI.


Founder @ Manaswin

hi I am founder of Manaswin edu Con pvt Ltd, having amazing experience of  20+ years in various IT companies as graphic and visual artist and now also a corporate trainer and career coach since 9 years and I build a bridge between 10000+ students and professionals for industry relevant training programme through my well designed and proprietary courses in IT training sector and running 4 successful centers in gujarat." Be Professional Without Books". With these Valuable Words and a Clear Mindset of educating Students in the IT segment. I started my Journey 14 years ago and started  New NICT (National Institute of Computer Training) back with no great financial background, With Great Management skills, Only Desire to change life of students but providing extra Value in their lives.  Throughout this journey, 10000+ students became Part of my community and now they are achieving substantial results in their life.
And When I Start Manaswin 4 years back with one vision to help startups and entrepreneur to build Brand and digitally strong impact.
Now my intention is to empower those Women and students who want to kick-start their careers and want to support Family Financially.


Corporate Training and Giving Seminars and webinars on Various Topics in school and colleges.
And acted as Judge in many technical events. 

Vilas Upadhyay


It's not what you achieve. It's what you overcome". This quote really Justifies our Visionary Director non other than
Mr. Vilas Upadhyay, whose mission is "Uplifting Human growth". Actually started their careers when everyone around us thinks about settling down in life. Leaving their Hard Heard mandate for the sake of working for their Mission. His Vilas sir has Great Expertise in Corporate Training, Soft skills, Practical Training Provider on How to come out of comfort zone and inspiring youths by providing a great amount of Value and showing them the Right Direction.
By now he has Addressed more than 20,000 people

Giving Seminars and webinars on Motivational Topics in school / Colleges and Corporates.

Our Power Pack Team ☺

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Chetna Patel

Senior Managemnet member

"With good Basics, you will have Endless Options ". By this intention, I am trying to provide Students with a basic Foundation of Computers through Basic courses  (MS OFFICE, ADVANCE EXCEL, C PROGRAMMING, CORAL DRAW, VIDEO EDITING, TALLY). A great thanks to Rachana Mam for developing my interest in this Forte. Glad to be a part of this organization.

Bhagyashree Patel

Senior designing member

"Trendy is the last stage before Tacky". My mission is to empower students to follow current trends by delivering them renowned courses. (FASHION CAD, GRAPHIC DESIGN ). Thanks a lot to Rachana Mam for enlightening this skill. I am also glad of be a part of this Organization. 

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

Jinal Prajapati

Graphic Designer 

"Design is intelligence made Visible".

This is how I made myself capable enough to convey my message through Creativity, Imagination, and Talent. I am Having great expertise in (GRAPHIC DESIGN). This only happened by following all Learning which was taught by my wonderful mentor Rachna Mam. Really Blessed and Honourable of Being a part of this Organization.

Our Power Pack Team ☺

Untitled design (5).png




I’ve been working for the past two years as a programmer.. my commitment to critical thinking and attention to detail have gotten me to where I am today

Viral Prajapati

IT Support (Hardware & Networking)

"Software comes from Heaven when you have a Good Hardware". Sounds Strange, but true if your Hardware is good then Software automatically attracts you. Which happens in my case. Having Skills of Hardware and Networking I always got great support and Mentorship of great Software, none other than Rachana Mam for making me super capable enough. Extremely proud of Being a part of this wonderful organization.


Our Power Pack Team ☺


Jash Upadhyay

Research Analyst

"Research is the distance between an Idea and a Realization".  I am Jash Upadhyay pursuing my Education in BioChemistry from Mumbai University.  Since childhood, I have always seen my Mom Inspiring others by creating Major impact in others life. As it is in my blood too , I also Joined her in this mission with intention of not Inspiring but Aspiring Others."

Priti Van

Digital Marketer

“Stop selling. Start helping.” .

My mission is to grow the business online and help students to learn digital marketing. Thanks a lot to Rachana Mam for enlightening my skill. I am glad to be a part of this Organization. 

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