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Since 2014, Manaswin edu con  has helped companies strategize and implement their creative visions. Our growing Digital Marketing Agency is driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results. We love content and design, but thrive on the data necessary to succeed in a digital world.


Greetings, I am delighted to introduce myself, Rachana Upadhyay, a dedicated entrepreneur and visionary in the realm of education and professional development. With an illustrious career spanning over 28 years as a Digital Media, graphic, and visual artist, I have evolved from my creative roots to become a beacon of knowledge and empowerment.

I am the proud founder of Manaswin Edu Con Pvt Ltd and NICT Computer Education, institutions that have become synonymous with excellence in Gujarat. Having embarked on this journey, I have tirelessly worked to bridge the gap between creativity and practicality, transitioning from being a proficient artist to a provider of cutting-edge corporate training and career coaching.

My journey has been paved with recognition and accomplishments that speak to my unwavering commitment to excellence. I am humbled to have achieved esteemed certifications, including being honored as a Google and Autodesk Certified Award winner. These acknowledgments validate my pursuit of knowledge and mastery in my field.

In 2020, my efforts were honored with the prestigious India 5000 Women Achievers Award, a testament to the impact I've made as a trailblazer in the industry. Subsequently, in 2022, the Asian Education Awards bestowed upon me the Best IT Trainer award, a recognition of my dedication to nurturing talent and imparting practical skills. This journey of recognition continued in 2023 when I was awarded the WEDO: Inspiring Entrepreneur IT Skill Development award, a testimony to my ongoing mission to empower individuals with the tools they need to succeed.

My journey has not only been celebrated in awards but has also been featured in the pages of Insight Success Magazine, sharing my story of transformation and empowerment. This platform has allowed me to inspire countless others to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.

With a focus on impact and inclusivity, our meticulously designed courses have touched the lives of over 11,000 individuals across our thriving centers in Gujarat. As a passionate advocate for education, I believe in giving back to the community that has supported my journey. Through free programs and seminars conducted in schools and colleges across India, we contribute actively to shaping the future of aspiring professionals.

At the heart of my mission lies the empowerment of women and students, enabling them to not only jumpstart their careers but also provide crucial financial support to their families. I am driven by the belief that true professionals are nurtured through a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional textbooks.

It's important to note that my efforts have been acknowledged not only on a professional level but also within the community. The Bramha Gaurav Nari Award by Durgadham stands as a testament to my commitment to driving positive change.

I invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where we are dedicated to creating professionals who are not only equipped with knowledge but also possess the practical skills to excel in their chosen fields. Together, let's redefine education and empower individuals to reach new heights of success.

Meet Some of Our Clients

  • Biochem Pharma

  • Inovt Pharma

  • Waasol Energies

  • Trip4air

  • DevEmotors

  • Aarni Synthetic

  • Elephanta Group

  • Petvisee

  • HMT organics

  • Renault group

  • Arhant Universal

  • Aastha Investment

  • The Academy

  • Nict Vapi

  • Rachiva Delights

  • Selan Oil and Gas Ltd.

  • Gayatri engineering

  • Dev e motors

  • Many More....

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